Protein powder without national standards must be cautious

Protein powder without national standards must be cautious

Many citizens prefer protein powder, and think that it is more reasonable to take supplemental nutrition and often promote good health.

The reporter’s investigation found that there is currently no standard for the protein content of the category products.

Experts suggest that you should not blindly choose protein products. It is best to consult a dietitian in advance; if you are not lacking protein, too much protein will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys.

  Recently, Ms. Zhang often feels exhausted. Colleagues introduced her to a protein powder product, which is a product from the manufacturer. The quality is very good, it can replenish physical strength, and it is also very beneficial to health.

Ms. Zhang called the hotline for consultation: “My own body has been very good, but I am tired recently. Can this protein powder increase my physical strength?

Professor Zhao of the School of Public Health of Shandong University said that at present, such protein products can only be regarded as a kind of nutritional supplement. In the strict sense, it cannot be regarded as health care products.

Consult your dietitian’s advice in advance when choosing a protein product.

The dietitian will estimate whether the structural analysis requires protein supplementation based on the age, gender, and labor intensity of the counselor.

In general, the protein intake per person per day is 1.

2 g / kg.

For example, citizens who weigh 70 kilograms need to supplement 84 grams of protein per day.

Although protein is very important to the human body, it is not possible to blindly ingest excess protein.

Excessive intake of protein will increase the body’s liver and kidney burden.

Care must also be taken to select such protein powder products.

  According to the staff of the food and drug supervision and administration department of Jinan City, there is no standard for the specific protein content of protein powder products in the country.

There are only two national standards for the determination of protein in food and the determination of infant formula and milk powder protein.

In addition, some protein powder nutrition products have also added some medicinal materials, which are said to have health effects, but there are no health brands and no food characters on the outer packaging. The public should be cautious when purchasing similar foods.


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