Hot hands and cold hands are all sick. Are you still healthy?

Hot hands and cold hands are all sick. Are you still healthy?

We all know the “Wen Wen Wen Qi” of TCM. That’s it. You can grind your body healthy with your hands.

Did you know that the body is not just connected to the meridians, the internal organs and the body surface are also interconnected, so one part can trim your body information.

  How does the hand reflect human health?


Cold palms If you find your palms are cold, it means that your body is spleen deficient and you have insufficient blood.

Some people’s palms are cold when the weather is cold, while others have no temperature in their palms throughout the year, which indicates that there is a physical problem.

  The phenomenon of cold palms is known in Chinese medicine as “spleen and lung deficiency, weak qi and blood, and unsmooth meridian of the triple burner”.

The spleen is the source of qi and blood biochemistry. If the spleen is deficient, the transport of qi and blood in the body will be abnormal, and then the blood circulation will be unobstructed. There will be no temperature at the ends of blood circulation such as hands and feet, and the hands and feet will be cold.

  Recommendation: First of all, we recommend everyone to supplement, mainly to choose some foods that have a warming effect on the spleen and yang, such as red dates, ginger, beef and mutton.

In addition, exercise must be strengthened.


Palms are easy to sweat. Some people in life have such conditions. The palms of the hands and feet are always sweating. Even the palms of the hands and feet are sticky all the time. Sometimes they are accompanied by systemic irritability and dry throat.

This may be a manifestation of heart-kidney yin deficiency and fire.

  Suggestion: To nourish the kidney and nourish the heart, also eat more food that can nourish the yin and ensure adequate sleep.

In addition, you can use rice vinegar to soak your hands and feet in warm water, which is very effective in improving this symptom.


As soon as the palms are dry and peeling, some people will start to get bored, and the palms will start peeling, and even dry cracking will occur.

In fact, these are not simple water shortage problems, but also caused by poor blood in the body.

Dry palms can increase dead skin and cause peeling or cracking.

  If the human body lacks qi and blood, the skin’s nutrients will not be too much. In this way, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands of the skin will be affected, their functions will be degraded, and the skin will naturally dry out.

  Suggestion: Don’t be greedy for cold foods, eat foods that nourish qi and nourish blood, such as longan, red dates, angelica, etc.

Also do good hand care.

Always pay attention to the hydration of the hands and apply hand cream.


When it comes to hand trembling, it becomes very complicated. There are many reasons for hand tremor. Some people will experience hand tremor when they are nervous, emotional or extremely tired. Once these factors are eliminated, hand tremor will be casual.disappear.

  However, some people often have the symptoms of hand shaking, which will affect even eating and writing. This kind of hand shaking may be related to thyroid disease, Parkinson’s syndrome, neurological abnormalities of the brain and upper limbs.

  Suggestions: pay attention to controlling emotions, combining work and rest, seek medical treatment in a timely manner for different situations, and symptomatic treatment.


The reason for the frequent numbness of the hands is probably on the head.

Because cerebral arteriosclerosis will slow the nerve conduction speed, the local blood supply to the brain, oxygen supply will decrease, and central dysfunction will occur, which may cause hand numbness.

Hand and foot numbness may also be caused by diabetic peripheral nerves.

Cervical spondylosis can also cause numbness of hands and feet.

  In addition, some elderly people suffer from numbness of hands and feet due to lack of B vitamins, which can cause peripheral neuritis.

  Suggestion: Find out the specific cause, symptomatic treatment, and the elderly should pay attention to B vitamins.

  Having said so much, what kind of fingers are considered healthy?

  Healthy fingers are very different. They are full of vitality and blood, and they are very well developed. The five fingers are plump, straight, flexible, and powerful, and the thumb and index finger are more powerful.

The nails are pink, shiny, moderately thick, moderately soft and hard, not easy to break, and have a smooth surface.

In addition, the half-moon shape of the nail base is white.
  Thumb: It is related to innate brain development, preferably long and strong.
  Forefinger: suggest liver function, round and strong is better.

  Middle finger: It indicates the heart function. It is better to be round and strong.

  Ring finger: suggest the function of the kidney and reproductive system.

  Little finger: It reflects the function of the urinary and genitourinary system, and is proportional to the length of the knuckles. It is better to be straight without deflection.

  Do you have the symptoms mentioned above?

Are your fingers healthy?

Traditional Chinese medicine is very magical. Looking at your body through your hands, it also reminds us that any small problems of the body cannot be ignored. Starting from small problems, we can gain great health.


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