Massage 6 health care areas have wonderful results

Massage 6 health care areas have wonderful results

In the health care of Chinese medicine with thousands of years of history, quite a few people are obsessed with acupressure.

However, identifying the acupuncture points is a “technical job”. If you press it correctly, you will have a long life. If you press it incorrectly, it may be counterproductive.

If you can master the following 6 health care areas, you can achieve good health care even if you just rub it casually.

  The easiest operation: rubbing the lower abdomen and the soles of the feet helps to strengthen the spleen and stomach. The navel is a place where the human essence is concentrated, and it is also an important acupuncture point in Chinese medicine.

There are also acupoints such as Zhongli, Guanyuan, Qihai, etc. Gently rubbing and pressing is good for adjusting human blood and improving internal organ function.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always advocated the “belly should always be rubbed” health care method. What is particular about rubbing around the lower abdomen after waking up and before going to bed. Long-term adherence can increase gastrointestinal motility and enhance spleen and stomach function.

A proper hot compress on the lower abdomen can also achieve health effects.

You can use a hot water bottle or hot towel slightly warmer than your body, gently apply it on your belly button, remove it after a few minutes, and apply it daily.
2 times.

  Inserting the soles of the feet to promote blood circulation The feet are called the “second heart” of the human body, and the feet are bubbled with hot water every two or three days. Every half an hour, the blood circulation can be promoted through warming and channeling.

If you can add some traditional Chinese medicine that helps qi and blood run in foot bath water, the effect will be better.

For example, a small amount of angelica, safflower, panax notoginseng, Chuanqiong, and salvia is packed into gauze, put in a traditional Chinese medicine bag, soaked in hot water in advance, the effect will be brewed after about half an hour, and then you can add a little wine or vinegar.
It is especially recommended for people who often suffer from insomnia.

Rubbing the Yongquan Point on the bottom of the opposite foot with the big fish between the palms of your fingers (the position between the thumb and the wrist on the palm), not only has a health care function, but also moves your hands and feet.

  The most complete effect: both ears and spinal vertebral rubbing. Both ears benefit the whole body. The ear is like a lesion inverted in the uterus. The earlobe represents the head and eye, the outer edge of the ear is the trunk and limbs, and the internal organs.

Rubbing different parts of the ear can carry out the corresponding trunk or internal organs to guide the health care function.

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about “kidneys open to the ears”. Therefore, good ear care is better for strengthening the kidneys.

Massage the ears gently, usually with squeegee, rubbing, and pulling. The time is preferably 5 minutes, not more than 10 minutes.

  The spine and its two sides of the spine are the place where the meridians pass, one of the two largest meridians in the human body, and there are important meridians such as the liver and kidneys, which are the places where the yang meridians meet.

Protect your back from cold and cold, and your body is less susceptible to illness.

Normally, the family of adolescents helps to massage the spine and back and forth from top to bottom, or from bottom to top. It can be pushed forward while pinching, or beat forward, every 5 minutes has the effect of clearing the meridians.

  The easiest to ignore: the arm fossa and the front chest press the arm fossa, and the wide-hearted chest sleeve is the part that people rarely touch.

Chinese medicine believes that there is an important acupuncture point in the armpit called Jiquan. Acupuncture or massage Jiquan has the effect of widening the chest and calming the mind.

Western medicine has found that there are both arterial and venous blood vessels and a large amount of lymphatic tissue in the arm fossa. Therefore, often pressing the arm fossa can improve blood supply, stimulate lymph, and improve immunity.

  There are two methods of massage: first, rubbing, using the right index finger, middle finger and ring finger of the finger, first massage the elbow socket clockwise, then counterclockwise 15 times each, and then change the left hand to massage the head and elbow socket, each lasting 3?
It can be done in 5 minutes. The technique must be gentle to avoid damaging local blood vessels and nerves. The second is to pluck, raise the arm, put the thumb of the other hand on the shoulder joint, and flick the bottom of the arm with the middle finger.Change the tempo fast, slow, and alternate left and right.

  Photographing the front chest to improve lung function The front chest is where the human yin meets. Doing good health care on the chest can not only achieve the effect of wide middle qi, but also improve the lung function and improve the resistance of the body.

You can take the approach of tapping and tapping for health.

Put your five fingers together, the palm of your hand is hollow, aim at the sternum in the middle of the upper part, and slap with appropriate strength, each time 3?
5 times, stop for about 10 seconds, 3 times a day?
5 minutes.

However, it is appropriate to note that there are organs such as the heart and lungs under the chest cavity, which must be noted, otherwise it may be counterproductive.


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