Insomnia try hypnosis recipes and methods

Insomnia try hypnosis recipes and methods

Sleep is a very important physiological phenomenon in human beings. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “sleep, food and health are important tasks”. Reduced sleep, changes in sleep patterns and loss of sleep can harm physical health.

Shi Guochen, director of the fourth department of acupuncture at the First Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, suggested that do not rush to take sleeping pills before insomnia.

Following the principle of dialectical treatment, there are different dietary methods for different types of insomniacs.

  A hypnotic recipe for Lianxin Tea is inflaming and irritable.

Take 2 grams of lotus root, brew with boiling water, and call it before tea.

Lianxin tastes bitter cold, and has the effect of health and soothe the nerves.

  Sugar and vinegar drink are tiring and difficult to enter.

You can use 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar, and pour 1 cup of warm water into a slow serving. Then calm your eyes and sleep peacefully.

After being furious, you can drink 1 cup of sugar water to clear away the scorching fire in your chest and sleep peacefully.

  Lily porridge is sleepless and has dry mouth and dry cough.

Wash 100 grams of raw lily and the previous 100 grams of rice, add 1000 ml of water and cook until the rice is rotten.

Regular food can help to fall asleep, as well as the role of beauty.

  Middle-aged and elderly people with long-term insomnia.

Take jujube kernels (refined finely), 15 grams of longan meat, 100 grams of rice previously, cook a total of porridge, eat sooner or later.

If the heart and lung function is not good, you can add a small amount of lily, lotus seeds, etc .; If the spleen and stomach are not healthy, you can add red dates, coix seed, yam, etc .;

  Longan previous rice and date porridge with heart and spleen deficiency and insomnia.

Available with 30 grams of longan, 50 grams of rice, and 2 jujubes.

Longan nourishes the heart and the brain; the previous Miqing Relieves the Anxiety, the jujube benefits the spleen and nourish the blood, the combination of the three plays Yixinshen, and the spleen and stomach, and sleep peacefully.

  B. In addition to the above-mentioned food therapy methods, insomniacs may try medicinal pillows, bathing, meditation, massage and other sleep-assisting methods, which can also get unexpected results.

  After the tea tea pillow stale tea is brewed, dry the tea residue, collect about 500 grams, put it in the pillow (you can add an appropriate amount of dried jasmine), and add a pillow case to make a pillow.

Can calm down and soothe insomnia.

  Bathing method Every night before bedtime, bathe in warm water at about 35 ℃ -45 ℃ for 15-30 minutes, or soak your feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes.

Those who have the conditions regularly take regular hot spring baths, saunas, sea baths, medicated baths, etc., which is good for sleep.

  Lying and relaxing is particularly effective for those who are worried about falling asleep and who have difficulty falling asleep.

The method: lie on your back naturally, put your hands on the belly button lightly, breathe evenly, and relax your body.

Silent meditation: The world is long, the limbs are loose, and you can’t afford to think about it. You just fall into a dream . or you can focus on Dan Tian and fall asleep naturally.

  Reflexology Massage the entire sole with your hands for 5 minutes before going to bed, and then place them in the Yongquan area for 2 minutes.

(The Yongquan point is located at the bottom of the human foot, the depression in the front of the foot when the foot is rolled, about the intersection of the front 1/3 and the back 2/3 of the line connecting the 2nd and 3rd toe seam with the heel.



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