Older people should eat more nuts to the body more benefits _1

Older people should eat more nuts for more health benefits

How to care for the elderly, what kind of food to choose to raise their body, does not hinder the eating more nuts, is very helpful to the body.

Next, we should learn to eat more nuts with the elderly.
Chestnut chestnuts are beneficial for the treatment of kidney deficiency, so it is also called “kidney fruit.”

Chestnuts have soft plasma fibers, and diabetics can taste it in moderation.

However, chestnuts are hard to digest, and cooked food is easy to stagnate, so it is not advisable to eat more at one time.

It is best to treat chestnuts as snacks between meals, or to eat in meals, rather than eating a lot after meals, so as not to excessive conversion, which is not conducive to maintaining weight.

Fresh chestnuts are prone to mildew and spoilage. Eating moldy chestnuts can cause poisoning, so spoiled chestnuts cannot be eaten.

  Sunflower seeds are the outstanding leader in the seeds, and the nutrition is quite rich.

Eating a sunflower flower every day will make up the vitamin E needed for the day.

The protein contained in sunflower seeds can be supplemented with various meats, especially arginine which is not ingested by the production of semen.

The common stalk of sunflower seeds has a certain effect on preventing coronary heart disease and stroke, lowering blood pressure and protecting blood vessel elasticity.

Medical experts believe that sunflower seeds can cure insomnia, enhance memory, and have a role in preventing cancer, high blood pressure and neurasthenia.

  Pistachio is a “friend of the heart” that lowers cholesterol levels and reduces high blood pressure.

However, pistachios that have been stored for too long should not be eaten.

Pistachios have a high speed and contain a lot of misfortunes. People who are afraid of fat, people with high blood lipids should eat less.

  Pumpkin seeds have the effect of killing insects and treating prostate diseases.

American studies have found that eating 50 grams of pumpkin seeds a day is more effective in preventing prostate disease and prostate cancer.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in pantothenic acid, and pantothenic acid can relieve static angina and have antihypertensive effects.

But also pay attention to not eating too much at a time.

Pumpkin seeds are most suitable for patients with hypertension, and patients with stomach heat should eat less, otherwise they will feel abdomen and nausea.

  Peanuts are rich in high-quality protein, trace amounts and a variety of micronutrients, which play an important role in adjusting the nutritional balance of people, especially children.

Recently, scientists have found that peanuts contain a large amount of arginine and resveratrol. The former has potential anti-tuberculosis effects and can inhibit diffusion infiltration and spread.

Therefore, peanuts are a good therapeutic product for tuberculosis patients and cancer patients.

However, peanut dressing has the effect of increasing the number of platelets and anti-fibrinolytic, so those with high viscidity should be peeled and eaten.

The digestion and absorption rate of peanuts by the human body is reduced. Excessive consumption of peanuts will increase the burden of perfusion and requires attention.

  Known as “longevity fruit”, pine nuts contain protein, traces, sugars, and most of the traces contained in pine nuts are linoleic acid, linolenic acid and other essential fatty acids that are good for human health, such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.Very rich, often eat can nourish and strengthen the body.

If the pine nuts are stored for too long, they will produce a savory taste and should not be eaten.

Those with biliary dysfunction should be careful to eat pine nuts.

  Hazelnuts are rich in nutrients and contain 8 kinds of amino acids required by the human body, and the content is much higher than walnuts.

Calcium, phosphorus and iron in hazelnuts are also higher than other nuts.

Because of its rich nutrition and sweet taste, people have used it as a precious fruit since ancient times.

The scorpion is flat and sweet, with qi, spleen, diarrhea, eyesight, and insect repellent.

  The incidence of angina pectoris in patients with coronary heart disease with sweet almonds and almonds is 50% lower than that of non-feeders.

Almond has a role in regulating insulin and blood sugar levels and is one of the therapeutic methods for diabetic patients.

The boron and calcium of almond glucose also have a certain molecular weight for preventing osteoporosis in menopausal women.


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