Autumn people are prone to fatigue, these 18 ancient methods are worth learning

Autumn people are prone to fatigue, these 18 ancient methods are worth learning

Autumn is a good time for health, the weather is cool, but it is also a high incidence of disease. In this season of falling leaves, everything in the earth begins to wither, and people are no exception, there are changes from the inside out, we are in the fall.Be sure to pay attention to your own health.

Autumn is a season that is very particular about diet and other aspects, so in the fall we must pay attention to the common sense of health around us.

People in autumn are prone to fatigue, and they should pay more attention to their daily needs.

Autumn TCM health tells you the 18th law of autumn health.

Diet appetite.

Avoid overeating in the fall, but also eat spicy barbecue food.


Often combed.

Frequent combing of hair can expand subcutaneous capillaries, promote metabolism, keep your mind clear and easy to get rid of fatigue.


Avoid anger.

In the autumn, TCM health and less temper can effectively solve the lack of autumn.



Using your tongue to rub your teeth, you can refresh your eyes, qi, and nourish your heart.


Rub more.

Use your hands or a dry towel to rub your face and rub your face to make your face rosy.

Hugging gas.

In the autumn, TCM health should go out and breathe fresh air outdoors, which can promote blood circulation and maintain good respiratory function.


The number of teeth is 嗑.

The teeth are more active, licking each other, keeping the teeth healthy and helping to eliminate fatigue.


The operation.

I often go out and look out into the distance, combined with eye exercises, my eyes can be refreshed.


Pharyngeal saliva.

Autumn Chinese medicine health pharyngeal saliva can promote digestion, open the chest and qi, increase visceral tracheal function, prolong life.


The back is warm.

In the autumn and evening, the temperature difference should be increased or decreased in time to prevent colds and protect the internal organs.


The ear is often bombed.

Press more ears, or listen to music to activate the auditory nerve and relieve fatigue.


The belly is self-defeating.

Autumn Chinese medicine health palms massage the abdomen with the palm of your hand, appropriate sputum, can help digestion, eliminate siltation, benefit Qi and strengthen the body.

The chest should be protected.

Maintaining body temperature can enhance immunity.

The limbs are shaken.

Pick up your hands, kick and kick your legs, enhance your energy and eliminate fatigue.


Valley Road drag.

In the autumn, the TCM health contraction, lifting the anus, can refresh the qi.


It is banned.

When you are urinating, hold your hands and close your mouth.


Full of heart.

Washing your feet and massage your feet every day can eliminate the turbidity and collaterals, and eliminate the fatigue and axial vomiting.

18 years old

Net body skin.

Dry autumn should hold more body, can make people rejuvenate, prolong life, relieve fatigue.


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