Be alert: Honest husbands will derail!

Be alert: Honest husbands will derail!

In real life, in order to maintain the stability of the marriage, many women do everything possible to investigate her husband’s whereabouts and beware of her derailment.

However, marriage and sexual psychologists still found in outpatient clinics that many women did not grasp the “stupidity” before the derailment of their husbands, causing endless troubles.

  Case Records Honest husbands will also be derailed in sexual psychological clinics, and customer service in foreign companies must not believe the consequences of their husbands.

He is an honest and loyal corporate technical cadre. He and Feifei had a 7-year high school and college love experience before marriage. Everyone thinks they are old couples.

Who knew that in the fifth year after marriage, the husband had a relationship with a female netizen who was five or six years younger than him.

When Feifei found on his mobile phone the sexually explicit text messages that the unmarried woman sent to her husband again and again, she resolutely filed for divorce.

The husband cried, saying that he had no feelings for the woman, and that he only loved Feifei from beginning to end.

  He has betrayed only once physically, and emotionally he can swear that he has never betrayed anything.

  Considering that the husband was a first offender, he cherished his many years of love and forgave him.

But she soon discovered that her husband and the woman were still disconnected, and even derailed frequently, but she was unwilling to divorce Feifei.

The non-non-gradient is embedded in the deep possibility. What is wrong with this man? Does he already have an extramarital sexual dependency similar to drug addiction?

  Experts assert that some derailment is a type of psychological disorder. Psychologists have found in the consultation with Feifei that Feifei’s husband has a certain sense of responsibility and morality. He has been in love for 7 years and has been married for 5 years.Very specific, experts judge that his derailment corrects what he said, not what he intended, and may have certain psychological obstacles.

After further consultation, the experts found that Feifei’s husband is more introverted, too pursuit of perfection, and sets very unrealistic standards for himself. At the same time, many aspects place too high demands on himself, but often encounter various setbacks in his work.These made him feel great pain; and when he was uneasy, he did not want to alarm his other half, and relieved the psychological turmoil in a way of unbridledness.

Over time, the derailment with other loveless women was regarded as a way to reduce stress, which naturally caused psychological obstacles.

  Professor Ma Xiaonian, chairman of the Sexual Medicine Professional Committee of the Chinese Sexual Society, pointed out that there are many “derailed men” who have psychological disorders in their lives. They should undergo detailed psychological and psychiatric examinations and undergo psychological and behavioral treatment if necessary.

  Derailment analysis captures the “stirring” budding period Generally speaking, there are certain situations for men to derail: the first is spiritual derailment, the second is physical derailment, and the last is the dual derailment of spirit and body.

Psychologists believe that in the first and second cases, you can forgive.

This man is also within the scope of salvation. After a cold war, the marriage will return to its original love.

The last one is no longer derailed, or a more complete betrayal.

Once the derailment of the man reaches the last, the family will dissolve someday.

  Man derailment, and “freezing three feet, not a day cold” is a truth.

The eyes of men and women who are deeply in love cannot hold others.

Only when marriage makes a man feel dull and tired will his heart be “stirring.”

Therefore, experts suggest that wives can completely wipe out the husband’s “stupidity” in the bud.

  A common situation in life is that many women attribute the reality of her husband’s derailment to “he eats in a bowl and looks at the pot” “the wild woman outside is really shameless” and so on, but never, the husband derailedWhat has to do with myself.

If you are thinking about your performance, if you are too “worked”, too careless, not caring enough for your husband, making your husband feel unmotivated, etc., then communicate thoroughly with your husband and believe that you will grab your husband ‘s disengaged heart back to yourself.

  It is not necessary to cut off the derailment all day. In the life of “Wolf Coming”, too many women closely monitor their mobile phone call records, text messages, and MSN chat records, etc. after discovering that their derailment signs have been observed.It is easy to frost two already fragile emotions.

If not, rush the man’s erratic heart to the arms of other women.

  The expert’s suggestion is that you have to learn to be a smart wife. You don’t have to look at him at all, and you have a tense posture of “wolf coming” all day.

You can pay attention to the details of life and get along with each other. You can clearly observe the slightest “wind and grass”.

Of course, you also need to believe and tolerate your husband. In the careful care of his work and life, you must also pay attention to his emotional changes and psychological mutations, and use female compassion to resolve his unhappiness so that he can be fully satisfied.The catharsis does not give outsiders a chance.

  For men, no one is willing to deal with his wife with all his heart, and have to go out of touch with a woman outside. Many times, derailment is not something they want to do willingly.

Usually, men are easy to relax their mental vigilance at key moments such as getting rich through promotion, being on business for entertainment or having low disappointment, and often face more temptations.

If we can firmly grasp the crucial moments that are easy to derail, and always have a wife in our heart, we can do more with less and protect a happy and happy family.

It is the so-called guarding the gate, that can keep the city intact.


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