The waist is the kidney of the kidney, and the waist exercise method helps you to pass the blood.

The waist is the kidney of the kidney, and the waist exercise method helps you to pass the blood.

First, the front legs are stretched and the legs are opened, shoulder width, hands akimbo, and then the waist is fully flexed and stretched 5 each?
10 times.

Try to relax your waist muscles during exercise.

Second, turn the roundabout and open the legs, slightly wider than the shoulders, hands on the hips, and mix thoroughly to breathe.

With the waist as the central axis, the cymbal is first rotated in a clockwise direction, and then rotated counterclockwise for the same rotation. The speed is from slow to fast, and the amplitude of the rotation is from small to large.
20 times.
Note that the upper body should be kept upright, the waist should move with the rotation of the squat, and the body should not lean forward and backward.

Third, the hands cling to the whole body to stand up and relax, the legs can be slightly separated, the first two arms raised, the body with the back, trying to reach the maximum degree of recoil.

After a short pause, the body flexes forward, hands move down, let the hand touch the feet, then stop, then restore the original position.

Can do 10 consecutively?
15 times.

Note that when the body bends forward, the legs cannot be bent, otherwise the effect is not good.

Older people or hypertensive patients should move slower when bending over.

Fourth, the arch bridge type supine bed, legs flexed, with feet, elbows and back head as the fulcrum (5 points support), will force forward, such as arch bridge.

As the exercise progresses, the tibia can be placed on the chest, and only the feet and the back of the head are used as the fulcrum (3 points support) for exercise.
20 times.

Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are careful about this action.


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