The harmful effects of wine on people are equal to chronic suicide.

The harmful effects of wine on people are equal to chronic suicide.

[The harm of wine to people]1, a large amount of drinking, can damage the germ cells, leading to lower intelligence of future generations.

2, the incidence of laryngeal cancer and digestive tract cancer in drinking alcohol increased significantly.

3, sexual alcoholism, can lead to multiple neuritis, myocardial infarction, brain damage, hematopoietic dysfunction, pancreatitis, gastritis and ulcer disease, etc., can increase the incidence of hypertension.

[Drinking +?

= Chronic suicide]1, when the concentration of different wines mix and drink the most lethal entertainment, many people have to drink a lot of white wine, in order to let themselves not drunk, then change some low-concentration wine to drink, thinking that this will not be soEasy to get drunk.

The US “Health” magazine reported that this method of injury to the body is also more susceptible to drunk.

This practice will not only lead to excessive alcohol intake, but the carbon dioxide in beverages such as beer and cola will start to increase the damage to the stomach, allowing alcohol to enter the small intestine and speed up the absorption.

2, white wine does not mix with strong tea, rumors that strong tea can hangover, in fact, theophylline contained in strong tea will cause blood vessels to contract, causing blood pressure to rise, not only does not have the effect of hangover, but will increase the risk of hypertension andHeart burden, add a sense of uncomfortable.

3, seafood with beer easy to get stones to eat seafood, it is best not to drink beer.

Because the vitamin b1 in beer may react with the cockroaches in the seafood, causing an increase in uric acid in the blood of the human body, thereby forming stones.

[How to drink healthily]1. Eat high-protein foods before drinking and avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

It is best to eat some foods containing starch and high protein before drinking. Please pay attention to the choice of bacon and salted fish, because they will react with alcohol, and the result will only hurt the liver.

In addition, in the drink, it is best to order a salad with radish.

Because radish can detoxify, it can reduce damage to the liver.

2, choose alcohol with lower alcohol concentration in the same volume of wine, high concentration of wine is more harmful to insulin and other organs than low concentration of wine, so in the case of avoiding a lot of wine, remember to choose low concentration of winedrink.

3, drink slowly, take a small mouthful of mouthfuls and drink immediately and be bold, but how long can you last for a long time?

It is easy to get drunk, and damage to organs such as the respiratory tract and stomach is also great.

4, experts remind: drink plenty of water before drinking alcohol to eat hangover drugs, can reduce damage to the liver?

Experts said: hangover drugs can only relieve discomfort after drinking, but have no protective effect on the liver.

It is better to drink more water in the gap between drinking, so that the alcohol can be breathably discharged from the urine, thereby reducing the burden on the liver.

Of course, moderate drinking of wine and other types of wine can also improve the health benefits, the key is to control the amount.

The WHO’s guide to drinking is: the less the wine, the better.

According to the study, under normal circumstances, the amount of pure alcohol consumed by men should not exceed 20 grams per day. In women, the specific alcohol intake can be “drinking amount × alcohol concentration × 0.

The formula for 8″ is calculated.

Finally, when you drink with friends, if you find that the other party is drinking too much, remember to persuade him to drink less.

Persuading people to drink less is the correct way to “persuade alcohol.”

Otherwise, once they have problems with excessive drinking, people at the same table may be subject to legal liabilities if they fail to fulfill their obligations.


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