Identification of senile dementia – an international problem

Identification of senile dementia – an international problem

The exploration of brain mystery has always been one of the most serious challenges facing the natural sciences today.

A large number of research data at home and abroad indicate that one in every ten elderly people has different degrees of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

The cost of research related to Alzheimer’s in the United States is second only to AIDS.

  Former US President Ronald Reagan, Zhang Damin’s mother, let us know the existence of senile dementia.

But do you know?

The incidence of senile dementia is growing, which not only puts tremendous pressure on society, but also creates a heavy economic burden.

  If it was more than a decade ago, Alzheimer’s disease may not be a disease.

When people are old, it is normal to be confused.

Today, Alzheimer’s is a big problem that really disrupts our lives.


Because of medical advancement, we already know that the state of “confusion” is actually an irreversible consequence, and the consequences are terrible. Moreover, because the aging society is here, about one-tenth of the members of society are already elderly, which meansThe population of Alzheimer’s disease is increasing.

  The exploration of brain mystery has always been one of the most serious challenges facing the natural sciences today.
With the acceleration of the aging population and the increase in the incidence of mental illness, humans urgently need a similar breakthrough in the discovery of DNA double helix in brain science.

Although the secrets of the nervous system have been revealed in the form of acceleration for nearly three decades, the road ahead of brain science is still long and tortuous.

In the last decade of the 20th century, the United States took the lead in proposing the “Decade of the Brain” program.

In a short decade, humans can send aircraft to land on distant Mars, but the brain research has not yet achieved a revolutionary breakthrough.

As the saying goes, “Life is seventy years old,” it is not surprising that modern people live a hundred years old.

With the advent of the aging society in the world, senile memory loss, senile dementia and other senile memory dysfunction are increasingly important.

A large amount of research data at home and abroad shows that every ten elderly people have a distinct degree of dementia symptoms, which seriously affects people’s health and quality of life.

The cost of research related to Alzheimer’s in the United States is second only to AIDS.
  The onset of senile dementia is an international problem, mainly in the following four aspects: First, the awareness of treatment is weak.

With the increase of age, there are symptoms of memory loss and even dementia. Patients and their families often laugh at it, saying that it is “old confused.”

Until the patient is completely demented, life can not take care of themselves, only to attract attention.

But regret it late.

  Second, the cause is still unknown.

The cause of senile dementia is not clear, but it is generally considered to be a multi-pathogenic disease.

The primary cause may be related to heredity, poisoning, viral infection, autoimmunity, etc.

Secondary causes are caused by known diseases inside and outside the brain, such as cerebral arteriosclerosis, alcoholism, cerebral infarction, endocrine and metabolic disorders, and so on.

  Third, early diagnosis is difficult.

Pathological changes in dementia often occur in the 30s and 40s.

At this time, people lacked enough knowledge because they were young and strong, thus missing the best opportunity at the beginning of treatment and onset.

  Fourth, there are fewer effective drugs.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease and one of the main outcomes of brain aging development.

Most patients will have difficulty recovering through medication.

Early detection and early treatment are the key to old age dementia.

  Former US President Ronald Reagan suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and is cared for by his wife Nancy and a nurse for 24 hours.

  According to foreign reports, Noreen?

In an interview with CNN News, Reagan said that her father’s condition is getting worse every day. At present, his family is helping him, taking him for a walk and encouraging him to do everything he can, and he is very cooperative.  Noreen also said that the former First Lady Nancy looked after Reagan very hard, the nurses were very competent, and the two worked together to form a sister.

  Norlin is still trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, which she has been doing since Reagan became ill.

  When the reporter asked Reagan to remember that he had been re-elected for two US presidents, Norlin said she did not know, but he must have remembered some things that happened during the period.

  Hi-open doctor tips: early detection, early treatment, early diagnosis is the key


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