Several ideas that make you unable to avoid obesity

Several ideas that make you unable to avoid obesity

Some people want to hear from other populations that “you have been much slimmer recently.” Some people think that “there will be a way to slim down anyway.” So they relaxed the strict requirements for eating and drinking. Friends who lose weight, these ideas must not beWhich only causes you to lose weight!

  Some people are frustrated before they start losing weight.

They just said in their mouths, “If you don’t lose weight, you can’t do it!”

“But actually the effective slimming exercise has not been implemented once.

Either say “I am too fat, so this. no,” use fat as an excuse.

  Solution: If you are such a person, then do you want to “have a way to slim down anyway” and relax the strict requirements for eating and drinking?

Is it because the ideal is too high, and the distance from the reality is too far away, and the phenomenon of weight loss intention is lost?

Then you must not become thin.

  Some people are ready, but they can’t go any further.

When I hear the phrase “slimming”, I often encourage myself with a fresh mood: “I have to work hard and work hard!”

“I have made up my mind, but I want to “still start tomorrow!”

“If you want to lose weight, go buy a bunch of books about weight loss, but if you have finished buying it, you have never read it carefully.”

  Solution: If you are such a person, although the things decided in your heart have the determination to implement, but the “forgetting sex” is too big.

Ask yourself: How do you feel the feeling of being out of the way when you go to swim next week?

This way you must be thin and not become.

  Some people have lost their fat, but there is no way to continue.

They are quite familiar with the popular methods of weight loss and conversion calculations, but they don’t use knowledge on themselves.

Look, their home, stop using weight loss products, books, utensils, everywhere.

I used to take a while, but I didn’t get the ideal goal.

  Solution: If you are such a person, although you have to increase the perfect implementation according to the plan at the beginning, but there is no way to continue, then will you close yourself to the situation where I have failed? The robes themselves are annoying themselves.What?

This way you must be thin and not become.

  There are a lot of people who have reached the ideal weight, but the good situation can’t last for three months.

Or if you think you have already lost weight, you will endure the food you have been trying for for a long time and have a good meal to comfort your stomach.

  Then, when the weight loss is told to lag behind, all the sports are stopped.

Finished, because you reach the primary goal and self-liberation, you must not become thin, do you not know that “no hard work will have no results”?

  Some people are obese because they are too “eatful” to eat.

When I was restless, I wanted to eat. I could eat anything, even though my stomach was hungry. I didn’t have anything to chew on my head. I was so worried that I bought a lot of snacks and stored them before going to work or before doing housework.First, you have to eat something to help yourself.

This way you must be thin and not become.

Because you are not eating to satisfy your appetite, or stress disrupts your eating behavior.

  Some people want to lose weight because they want to hear from other people that “you have been slimmer recently”, or the weight measured during the health check is standard, but I still think that I am thinner. I seem to want to gain weight later.Before leaving a little room; even think that work or relationships are not very good, because of their body shape.

It’s not that you can’t lose weight. Even you don’t have to follow others to lose weight. Because what you think needs to be solved is not a relationship. If you want to solve it, there will definitely be a better way.


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