Why is it easy to sleep during menstruation?

Why is it easy to sleep during menstruation?

“Every day in the month I feel that I am particularly weak and sleepy.” This is the voice of too many women.

What is the cause of fatigue during the menstrual period?

The menstrual period is normal and sleepy is a normal phenomenon.

  In fact, during the menstrual period and during the menstrual period, because of some physiological reasons, the resistance will be reduced, and it is easy to be trapped. This is a normal physiological reaction. Female friends should appropriately increase their own on this special day.During rest time, life and work should be regular, nutrition should be balanced, mentality should be good, eat more foods with high protein content in the diet, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

  If the lack of sleep can also lead to the phenomenon of menstrual particularly difficult, for women who are particularly sleepy menstruation to strengthen exercise, such as: jogging, playing Tai Chi, playing, choose a favorite exercise method, long-term persistence, for sweetEat food with high adults, eat more winter melon in the summer, eat more radish in the winter, or use glutinous rice and red bean porridge to drink.

Usually women who are particularly sleepy in menstruation should pay attention to their lives. Taking medicine under the guidance of a doctor is a good treatment.

Reasons for easy menstruation during menstruation 1 Women with insufficient blood in the menstrual period will often lose more blood due to physiological factors, so under such circumstances, some women will be dizzy, lack of energy, and you will obviouslyI feel that my blood is not enough.

  If you have said these situations, don’t doubt, you are not enough. If you want to improve the situation, you must pay attention to absorb some foods that can add blood to yourself.Help yourself to maintain your body.

2 hormone secretion reduction For women, there is a hormone in the body is more effective in maintaining their health, and this element is estrogen, and women in the body during the menstrual period, this element in the bodyThe content is often reduced, so under such circumstances, you need to pay more attention to the supplement of estrogen in your daily life.

  Therefore, women can drink some soy milk properly during menstruation, and eat some quail eggs. For the body to supplement estrogen, the effect is more significant. Everyone can notice this in their daily life.This will effectively help you to improve the situation.

3 Excessive fatigue In the menstrual period, women will be trapped, and it is also related to everyone not paying attention to rest.

This is mainly because women are more vulnerable during menstruation, and their immunity will become lower. If you don’t pay attention to rest, you often work overtime to work, so under such circumstances, women will have physical strength.Without the situation, fatigue will follow.

  Under such circumstances, women need to pay more attention to rest, only in this way can give the body more time to recover.

It is recommended that you can go to bed at around 9:00 in the evening, so that you can effectively give your body more time to rest, thus avoiding fatigue.

4 resistance decreased in women before or after menstruation or menstruation, due to physiological reasons, resistance will be relatively poor, easy to weak, cold, physical strength, want to sleep and so on.

5 Poor constitution Some women have problems with qi and blood in their daily life, such as lack of blood.

When the menstrual period comes, physiological bleeding causes the body to lose more nutrients, and naturally it is easy to lift the spirit, sleepiness and fatigue.

6 If the woman with heavy moisture is heavy, it will make the symptoms of menstruation more obvious.

Therefore, the physical fatigue, the symptoms of mental sleepiness will be more obvious.

How to do more during the menstrual period? Women who are resting during menstruation are prone to fatigue due to physiological factors. At this time, they should rest and rest.

If you can try to go to bed every night, let the body make adjustments.

2 more sun women in the menstrual period more sun can add energy to the body, therefore, white-collar women working in the menstrual period if fatigue, especially in the autumn and winter, you can use the lunch break to get more sun.

Sunbathing can not only replenish yang, but also relieve fatigue.

3 Avoid over-eyes Women should pay attention to their eyes during menstruation, avoid using computers and playing mobile phones for a long time, or reading in dim light.

If you use your eyes too much, your eyes will become tired.

It is recommended to take some time after work for 1 hour to close your eyes and rub your temples to relieve eye strain.

4 to strengthen the nutritional differences between women during menstruation should pay more attention to supplement nutrition, eat more iron-rich foods, such as animal liver, animal blood; but also eat eggs, lean meat, milk and other high-quality protein food; of courseDon’t forget to eat more foods that are good for blood, such as red dates, longan and peanuts.

If women have poor appetite during menstruation and can’t eat, they can eat digestible foods, and the diet is light.

5 Appropriate physical exercise Women can do more slowly in daily life, Tai Chi and other sports, can improve the body’s blood circulation, people can be full, relieve the symptoms of lethargy.

At the same time, it has great benefits for women’s health, for example, improving the body’s ability to resist disease.


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