Eyesight, blood pressure, brainstorming, all rely on a pillow!

Learn seven formulas for medicine pillows!

Eyesight, blood pressure, brainstorming, all rely on a pillow!

Learn seven formulas for medicine pillows!

A good pillow is the key to a good night’s sleep.

If you can choose a suitable drug pillow, you can not only sleep well.

The ancients loved the ancient Chinese people’s choice of pillow materials. They have already opened their brains, and they have tea, flowers and herbs.

In 1972, he discovered in the tomb of Mawangdui No. 1 in the eastern part of Changsha City. He found two sachets in his hand, inserted drugs inside, and found four sachets, six pouches and one embroidered pillow in the box., the drug is implanted in the middle.

It was jointly identified by the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chinese Medicine Research Group of Mawangdui Han Tomb of Hunan Province as Xinyi, Zanjiao, Cinnamon, Galangal, Perrin, Artemisia and other medicines. These aromatic drugs are rich in volatile oil and can be disinfected and sterilized for external use.

It can be seen that at that time, people have collected the scent of herbal medicines and made the habit of sachets and medicine pillows.

In the Tang Dynasty, Feng Yi wrote “Yunxian Miscellaneous Notes”: “The medicine is used as a pillow, but it can be old and not faint. It is used in the Ningwang Palace.”

In the Song Dynasty, “The Record of Life Keeping Record” contained a dizzy medicine pillow. In the Qing Dynasty, Wu Shangxian wrote “Lie Li Wen”. There is a fitness Ding Gong pillow that can “treat the disease, prolong life”.

The ancient doctors such as Sun Sizhen of the Tang Dynasty, Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty also have records of the smell of the disease in their writings.

The medicinal pillow is useful because the basis of the “smell scented disease” is based on the smell of the scented scent. It is guided by the theory of “four qi and five flavors” and “return to the classics”. According to different conditions, instead of different drugs, the pillow is used.
When people sleep, the temperature of the head slowly evaporates the aroma of the drug in the pillow.

The scent is distributed on the pillow, slightly above the mouth and nose, light but not thin, fragrant and not pungent.

The head is the central nervous system command of the human brain, and the neck occipital part is the body’s twelve meridians, rushing, arbitrating, supervising, with the intersection of the veins, and the effect of the medicine pillow health can be guaranteed.

On-demand formula, the special health care function of the medicine pillow itself is determined by different materials.

The following recommended several medicine pillows, can be replaced as needed: 1, cassia chrysanthemum pillow medicine: cassia seed, chrysanthemum medicine pillow interpretation: chrysanthemum heat detoxification, cassia clear liver and eyesight.

The right people: high blood pressure combined with headache, tinnitus, vertigo, upset.

2, silkworm pillow medicine: late silkworm medicine pillow interpretation: silkworm is the feces of silkworm larvae.

Silkworm has the functions of eyesight, eyesight and brain-raising.

The newborn has a strong lung fire. The silkworm sand pillow can be used to wake up the brain, cool and antiperspirant, and the sputum is early in the morning; the elderly can use the hurricane to dehumidify, clear and clear eyes, and stomach turbidity.

Suitable people: newborns, the elderly.

3, mulberry leaf medicinal materials: mulberry leaf medicine pillow interpretation: mulberry leaves for the mulberry plant mulberry leaves, taste bitter and cold, return to the lungs, liver, with evacuation of wind and heat, clear lungs and dryness.

Suitable people: tinnitus, headache, dizziness, memory loss, hearing loss.

4, Wu Yu pillow medicine: Wu Shuye medicine pillow interpretation: Wu Yi Wu sex heat, Wei Xin, bitter, there is cold and pain, help Yang diarrhea.

Appropriate people: people with debilitating physique and pain caused by poor blood flow in the head.

5, calamus mint medicinal herbs: Shichangpu, peppermint medicine pillow interpretation: Shichangpu temperature, taste Xin, open and refreshing, good and wet, can be happy, good heart, peace of mind; mint cool, spicy, canDispel the wind and heat, detoxification and detoxification.

Suitable people: dizziness, forgetfulness, deafness, tinnitus, middle-aged and elderly people with chest tightness.

6, blood circulation cracking medicinal herbs: Angelica, Chuanxiong, safflower, Sanqi, cinnamon medicine pillow interpretation: Angelica, Chuanxiong, safflower, Sanqi replace the famous blood stasis medicine; cinnamon hot, sweet and sweet, warmKidney aphrodisiac, cold and pain relief.

Regular pillows can promote blood circulation in high blood pressure.

Suitable population: cervical spine patient population.

Pregnant women and menstruating women should be used with caution.

7, peach leaf pillow medicine: dry peach leaf medicine pillow interpretation: peach leaf flat, bitter taste, can be dehumidified by wind, heat and insecticide.

Appropriate people: cervical vertebrae hyperplasia or trauma to the head caused by long-term unhealed headache.

The pillow core needs to be exposed to the sun. ● The medicine pillow is filled with Chinese herbal medicine and should be hygienic when used.

During use, wash your hair frequently. Insert the pillow into the sun and disinfect it every month. Pay attention to the clean and hygienic pillowcase, clean and replace it regularly to prevent mildew.

● Drink plenty of warm water before going to bed to prevent fragrant drugs from consuming the fluid; pay attention to adjusting your emotions to ensure adequate sleep time and good work schedule.

● The effect of the medicine pillow is slow and long-lasting. Generally, it must be used 2?After 3 months, the effect will be visible.
● Because the medicine pillow is mainly based on aromatic reclamation drugs, pregnant women supplement it.

If you have allergies to your skin after use, you should consult your doctor.

A good medicine pillow should be a better sleep experience, such as the intolerable scent of the medicine pillow and affect the quality of sleep, it will not be worth the candle.


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