Natural ways to narrow pores_1

The natural way to fine pores

In the dry environment of the office, the pores can easily expand. In response to this feature, the following mask is not only made of natural materials, but also has obvious effects. The most important thing is that you can get it at home on weekends or at night: Apple oil-absorbing mask: Beauty effect: AppleThe acid component can absorb excess oil from the surface.

  Material: Two apples. Make-up amount of cotton pads. Method: Squeeze frozen apples, apply cotton pads and apply on areas with strong oil secretion, such as T position, nose, chin.

  Mint Pore Mask: Beauty effect: Rosemary has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect; mint has astringent and toning effect, and feels refreshing when applied; soda powder can decompose oil.

Three-in-one can play a role in narrowing the coarse pores.

  Material: 2 drops of mint aromatherapy oil, 2 drops of rosemary aromatherapy oil, half a tablespoon of edible soda powder, a cup of waterThe cotton pad is printed on the T-shaped area and the area with large pores. Wash it with water after 10 minutes.


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