Yawn, improve brain productivity

Yawn, improve brain productivity

Yawning is actually a physical mechanism that reminds people to stay awake, can cool the brain, improve the working efficiency of the brain, can maintain awake state and good function, and people who love yawn have sympathy.

  While they were participating, some people yawned. Then, like a chain reaction, many people started to yawn. Are they tired of participating?

Are they too tired?

Maybe not.

A recent study in the United Kingdom shows that yawning is contagious and susceptible to being “infected” by others, while yawning people are generally more compassionate and highly consistent with the surrounding social environment.

  The study also found that even though almost all animals yawn, the infection of yawns only occurs in humans, chimpanzees and some monkeys.

  Recently, at the annual scientific conference of British antiques, British scientists announced some research results related to yawning.

Researchers have found that people who ca n’t help but open their mouths when they see others yawn are very likely to have an “empathy” reaction to others ’emotions, and when they notice that others are yawning, they ca n’t help imitating others’ actions.
  Researchers have also found that even if almost all animals have a yawning response, this response is only transmitted between humans, chimpanzees and some monkeys, and contagious yawning is considered to be an animal that learns to socialize during evolutionA way to communicate.

  One of the moderators, Dr. Catriona Morrison, a scientist at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, said that contagious yawning is closely related to “empathy.”

She found that those who sympathize easily with others are three times more likely to yawn than those with low social skills; and this result suggests that yawning has a clear social function.

  Forty Psychology students and 40 Engineering students participated in Dr. Morrison’s trial.

Psychology students are representatives of those who are good at empathy, while engineering students are good at organized analysis.

  The results of the first experiment showed that students in the Department of Psychology yawned an average of 5.

5 times while engineering students yawned an average of 1.

5 times, and in the second experiment, the average score of the students in the psychology department was 28, and the average score of the students in the engineering department was 25.

  Another research result: Yawning is actually a physiological mechanism to remind people to stay awake.

  Researchers at the State University of New York spent a month observing 44 students to study why they yawn and what happens when they yawn.

As a result, they found that yawning can cool the brain and improve the efficiency of the brain.

  The results show that when people yawn, the air they inhale can reduce the temperature of the blood vessels in the nasal cavity, allowing them to enter the warm blood to the brain.

The brain can keep awake and perform well under the stimulation of low temperature.

  Researchers believe that “contagious” yawns-Some people will yawn involuntarily after seeing others yawn. It is a protective mechanism for human beings in the course of evolution in order to maintain soberness and vigilance for the entire human race.


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